“About six months ago you analyzed my DNA results.  You helped me realize a few very important key factors in my health!!! Having identified the mutation which causes my body to not be able to ward off/fight yeast…i eliminated all yeast from my diet. I have found a probiotic that is specifically formulated for women’s feminine health. And have resolved that issue.  Since I cut out animal protein as indicated by my specific genetic mutations, my kidney issues are less painful in intensity and frequency! I have not needed to go to the emergency room or urgent care in the middle of the night for morphine and anti-inflammatory pain shots. [Based on] the methylation scale, I bought the time-release supplement (niacin) and took it immediately. I slept the best I had in months!!  The depression associated with prolonged pain and exhaustion has lifted. I feel very hopeful and excited at long term benefits.”–M.S.

“This service has changed our family’s life. Having a tailor made vitamin profile based on my genetics has led to weight loss, better managed moods, and improved overall health.”–J.G.

“We have had my son’s 23&Me data interpreted by another practitioner. Somaticode was much more comprehensive and easier to understand. We have implemented changes in my son’s supplementation and seen increase in his focus and ability to pay attention at school. We are very grateful for this information.”–A.A.

“Wow! I just recently got My raw data analysis back from Dr. Bradshaw…my family has a long history of all kinds of issues ….hearing loss, food allergies, hypoglycemia and others.  Just seeing WHY these are problems in our genetic code validates and motivates us to learn how to repair and improve those areas. This has to be the future of medicine!”–W. R. B.

“Six months ago I was on five major prescription medicines that were doing nothing but making me feel numb and giving me strong, painful side effects. Now I am only on one for my Auto Immune condition. I am really grateful I have my DNA analyzed by Dr. James Bradshaw.  I am so happy to not have to be on anti-anxiety medicine! It makes a big difference in my energy and overall mood. Doing the DNA test also helps me and my Doctor be aware of what I am prone to and what types of vitamins my body can absorb. I have spent countless money on doctor appointments and supplements to improve my health but now I feel like I have such a better understanding at what my body can absorb and use and what was hurting it. I would definitely recommend this analysis to anyone. I plan on having each of my children tested as well.”–T.S.

“When I recently needed to start taking an antidepressant I was able to share my Somaticode analysis with my doctor and she steered my prescription away from the NDRI that would have been her initial recommendation for me. I know that I successfully found a solution to my situation with less trial-and-error than I otherwise would have.”–C.A.H.

“I got my DNA tested through Somaticode just over 2 months ago. The report was easy to read and showed me what vitamins and minerals my body was deficient in. Since taking the recommended supplements I have more energy, a smaller appetite, less headaches, and have been losing weight I have struggled with. I have cut my anti-depression dosage in half and I feel amazing. I recommend Somaticode to everyone to learn more about the fact based, gene mutations, that affect all of us.”   Luke B.

“I immediately switched my vitamins over to the Smarty Pants brand so I’m getting Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin. With my diet, I try to avoid any added folic acid.  What I’ve noticed so far is that I’ve had less brain fog, and I’m able to think more clearly. Also, I’ve been less bloated.”–S.G.

“We sent in raw data to Somaticode for each of our children.  All of them have some kind of disorder of anxiety, depression, or OCD tendencies.  Needless to say, daily life was a struggle to find balance and peace in our home. We really did not know what to expect, but after implementing the supplements and avoids that were recommended in their reports, our house is finally very peaceful.  Our kids are no longer taking out their anxieties and frustrations on eachother. One of our kids now sleeps through the night where he used to wake us 2-3 times every night because he couldn’t sleep. There is still the normal sibling rivalry, but nowhere near the fighting and constant outbursts we used to experience, and we can sit down and talk about solutions to problems as a family in ways we never could before!”–J.R.B

“I was looking to improve my health and was able to lose weight without a lot of effort. Just following the recommendations on my report.  It was only about 1 pound per week, but over 4 months that really adds up. I don’t suggest that be your only course of action but it was a good side effect for me.”–A.B.B.

“After implementing the recommendations I noticed a significant reduction in stomach pains and bloating, reduced fatigue especially at the time of day when I used to hit a wall.”–T.M.

“The amazing thing about Somaticode is that it deals with the literal building blocks of your body and helps educate you to know how to heal, improve, and even change your quality of life for the better. Before Somaticode, there was a lot of guesswork as to why I didn’t feel at 100%, but with Somaticode, all of the answers were there. I didn’t know I could feel this good until I was able to see what my body was telling me it needed in such wonderful simplicity. I will forever be grateful that I did this for myself and my family. It helps me to look forward with hope knowing that health can be enjoyed now, and in the future for myself and my loved ones.” Teri B.

“Everything I discovered from an elimination diet four years ago matched my test results. This is very helpful to understand what changes to make and how it affects your well-being. I wish I had been tested then. Other issues were made clearer.”–L.B.R.

“I had struggled with lack of energy for many years.  Actually, debilitating fatigue! I visited many doctors and had them run countless tests (they all shrugged their shoulders, 2 of them said I must be depressed).  I finally had a test for Adrenal Fatigue which came back in the extreme positive. Still after 3 years of treatment, I had bouts of fatigue each year. My Somaticode report told me to talk to my doctor about a rare blood disorder and after starting treatment for that, I gained consistent energy throughout the day and my adrenals have finally gained stability.  I have a mild case of the disorder, so the treatment was very simple, but that also made it easy to fly under the radar for so many years. The report was well worth it for helping find this disorder alone. I wish I could have known more about my genetics years ago. It would have saved me thousands of dollars in tests and doctor visits.”–A.B.