Why Somaticode

We analyze raw DNA data generated from other companies in order to give you targeted nutrition suggestions and foods to avoid for optimal health.  We also include illnesses for which you are at higher risk compared to the general population.

Many of our customers have reported improvements in:

Mood                 Focus                 Behavior

Weight               Energy               Digestive health

Appetite             Pain                  (see testimonials)

Others have finally found the cause of long term health concerns that doctors struggled to pinpoint based on symptoms alone.

It may seem too simple that one test can help with all this, but remember, we are looking directly at the genes themselves.  Your DNA is responsible for telling the body how to function and when we find the mutations, we can find the cause of the problem.


Genetic Health Report

Take your Genetic Health Report with you to your next doctor’s visit.

The Genetic Health report contains nutrient recommendations, things you may need to avoid, risks to discuss with your doctor, and references further study — all based on your unique genetics. The power is in your hands to improve life.

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Included in your report

  • Eliminate This section includes foods and synthetic chemicals that are difficult for you to process and may affect your health and mood because of your genetics.  You may want to reduce or even eliminate these from your diet. If you cannot completely eliminate them, there are suggestions in step 2 to support your body’s ability to better process those things that may affect your health.
  • Support This section includes suggestions on how to support your genetic mutations leading to nutrient deficiencies.  Many nutrients that can be supplied as supplements can also be obtained from food. However, in some cases the amount of food that you would have to eat to reach the necessary amount of nutrients that your body needs due to a genetic mutation might not be reasonably obtained through food alone. We recommend diet as well as supplementation.
  • Balance  This section includes an analysis on how your genetics influence methylation.  There are 12 different genes involved in proper methylation (not just MTHFR). These are covered in steps 1 and 2 of your Somaticode report.  There are many compounding genetic factors that affect methylation balance (these are all taken into account when calculating your Somaticode Methylation Scale number).
  • Talk to your Doctor – We screen SNPs related to over 800 health risks. In this section we include only those risks related to your genetic mutations.  This list is not meant to diagnose disease, but to give direction for further testing based on problematic gene mutations.  Only a licensed doctor can run and analyze the tests necessary for diagnosis. We do not include the risk of developing cancer.  This needs to be done by a genetic counselor.

Disclaimer:  This report does not constitute medical advice. You should consult a health professional before making any changes to diet or medication.  We do not specifically screen for cancer risks as there is not enough data included in a microarray.  However, if we see enough markers for a specific cancer in any particular report, we will red-flag it and suggest you talk to a genetic counselor about your risks.

See a sample report.

$99 $49 – On sale


DNA test kits breakdown

In the future, we will run the DNA test kits ourselves to include all of the relevant SNPs we have found to date. Until then, your report will be created using the raw data produced by other companies, such as some of the more well-known ones listed here:

Ancestry DNA Max. Gen. 23 & Me Vitagene
# of genes 950 155 50 40
# of health risks screened 800 —- 10 —-
Price of health report —- $350 $199 $99
Ancestry DNA + Somaticode

  ($99)                      ($99 $49)

$198 $148 —- —- —–