Feeling good is in your genes™



Your genetic code knows what’s best. Influence your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing by feeding your genes the right stuff. Upload an existing DNA file from Ancestry or 23andMe to get started.

Manage genetic stress and methylation levels

  • Genetic Stress Score

  • Balance Level: Overmethylation or Undermethylation

  • Methylation rate (by hour)

  • Dietary methylation menu

  • MTHFR variant detection


Genetic Stress Score
How much stress is your DNA putting on your body? Based on how you counteract your methylation level (genetic baseline), this will help you manage the stress your body is causing you, and help you determine how much it is interfering with your mood, ability to think, and how you respond to stressors.
Genetic Methylation
Are you an overmethylator or an undermethylator? And how is your diet affecting your methylation level? Methylation affects mood and influences the severity of mental health; it’s also important for long-term health. You get your exact methylation balance and number with the Wellbeing report. This will allow you to use the Dietary Methylation Menu to its fullest, being able to influence your level hour by hour.
Methylation rate (by hour) NEW
When your methylation levels are too high or too low, simply knowing whether you're over or undermethylating isn't enough. This includes how quickly your unique body will reset to your genetic default.
Dietary Methylation menu
Get a list of specific foods, drinks, supplements, activities, and medications that affect your unique genetics.
MTHFR Variant detection
Find out what variants you may have, and the effect they have on your balance.

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