We had spent thousands of dollars on tests and doctor visits trying to find answers to long term family health problems.  We had a few answers, but after many years, we still did not feel we had all the pieces to the puzzle. My wife was constantly tired and our daughter had many unexplained behavioral and cognitive problems.  A friend told us about a company that would use genetic testing to determine which nutrients we were deficient in and deliver the supplements right to our door. We were excited to send in our DNA samples and finally get some answers.  But, when the results came back, I was not satisfied. We had spent more money on yet another test, and I could tell from my background as a Developmental Biologist that there were major points of data missing from their analysis. This is when I decided to take our health into my own hands.  I told my wife I would analyze her raw data and that of our daughter, and compile a new supplement profile (she thought I was nuts). But, now after months of research and finding over 200 genes relevant to health, my wife and daughter are doing better than ever. I based my analysis on causative data (makes sense as a Developmental Biologist) instead of correlative data.  This approach helped me develop a report that eliminates the guesswork. I am excited to help you discover the causes of your health concerns and save money and time on tests based on symptoms alone.

I am James Bradshaw, founder of Somaticode.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from UCSD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. I have a PhD from BYU in Developmental Biology and Cell Biology. My experience ranges from Genetics, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Embryology.  I am a Professor of many of these disciplines at a State University. I have also worked as a researcher in a Pharmaceutical company. While doing research, I did the kinds of studies that determine what outcomes are caused by different genetic mutations (the types of studies I now base my report on).  My passion is to help people understand their unique genetic makeup and the root cause of what ails them. I am dedicated to improving education on steps people can take to improve their own health and well-being. We have found that our Health Report finally gives hope where people have been seeking it for many years.