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Which testing company do you recommend doing a DNA test kit through?
We highly recommend getting your DNA tests kit from Ancestry DNA. They cover 80% of the gene SNPs we have identified as relevant to health.  This is the largest number we have found to date. One day we hope to run the microarray in house and cover all of these SNPs as well as future relevant SNPs as they are discovered.


How do I get my raw DNA data from the Ancestry website?
Instructions for DNA download


Once I have received my raw data from Ancestry DNA, how do I upload the raw data to Somaticode?
Log into your account on Ancestry DNA, click on settings and scroll down to click on download raw data file. Ancestry will then send you an email to confirm that you want to download the raw data.  Click on this email and then proceed with the download.  Copy this file and upload it onto the Somaticode website.


Once I have received my health report from Somaticode, where can I take it to get professional medical advice?
In Utah, we have identified Dr. Purser and Dr. Farley-Jones as excellent naturopathic doctors. Below are search links for other practitioners throughout the U.S.:  

Functional medicine practitioners in your area:

Naturopathic Doctors in your area:


Does the report include the MTHFR gene?
Yes (both C677T and A1298C mutations).  We also look at 11 other genes involved in methylation.  It is important to look at the whole methylation pathway and not just the MTHFR gene.  We include COMT as well as hormones and other factors that contribute to overall methylation balance.


As more information about genetic health becomes available, should I get a new report done?
Yes.  It is advisable to repeat the testing and report-generating process every 2-3 years in order to take advantage of ongoing studies being conducted. We check monthly to ensure that we are including the newest and best information resulting from next generation genetic studies.


I was taking supplements when I did the saliva sample for my test kit. Will that affect the results of my report?
No. You can think of your DNA report like a car manual. It will show the original state, straight out of the factory. If your car has an accident, or you replace the transmission, the manual stays the same. Environmental factors do not make a difference. You could be pregnant, surgically had an organ or limb removed, or even be in a coma and your DNA will not change. However, all of these environmental factors should be considered before changing your diet or supplementation.


Will my Somaticode report tell me how to lose weight?
Not Directly.  Our focus is on bringing the body back into balance.  Once you have addressed the core issues plaguing your body, you may see other symptoms relieved that you hadn’t thought connected. Once their bodies were more balanced, many of our customers have noticed weight loss (or weight gain) as well as improvements in balanced brain chemistry. We want to help you support those systems that have been taxed and have become toxic, allowing your body to heal itself.


Can you tell me about my cancer risk?
We do not specifically screen for cancer risks as there is not enough data included in a microarray.  However, if we see enough markers for any specific cancer in any particular report, we will red-flag it and suggest you talk to a genetic counselor about your risks.


Do you screen for Fragile X Syndrome
No, we only include actionable information such as mutations that cause specific enzyme and nutrient deficiencies.  These can be addressed through diet and lifestyle changes.


Does the report show which antidepressant or ADHD medication is right for me?
No, we very well could include data about pharmaceutical interactions. However, our main focus is on bringing the body and brain into balance by targeting underlying issues, instead of informing people which chemical compound their body will struggle with the most.  We have also found that in focusing on supporting deficiencies, people are better able to heal without unwanted side effects.